3. Instructor-Student Recommendation 3.1 (sample 1)

Provide a “welcome message” at the beginning of the course that encourages student-to-instructor contact for course-related discussions or concerns.

How to Put Into Practice?

Intro copy that provides brief tips and best practices.

Links to resources:

  • Welcome message examples (written & video)
  • Developing High Quality Video & Audio
    Creating Course/Unit Introduction Videos
  • Establish a Welcoming Tone

Background Information

What is this?

A welcome message introduces the instructor and the course less formally than the syllabus. It establishes you as a person with an interest in the course content and in the students’ success.

Why is this important?

When teaching remotely, the media you record and share are one of the main ways you establish “instructor presence” — i.e. the feeling of being taught by a real person.  Evidence shows that this can have a real benefit for students, leading to better learning.

Where is this?

Typically a welcome message is included in a “Module Zero/Orientation” or a Day 1 Canvas announcement.


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